SensAlert 300 has been developed as a LOW INTRUSION care solution to assist carers monitor individuals at risk of falling by generating an alert when the person is most at risk. Versatility is offered with several modes of operation…

1. IMMEDIATE ALARM for when a person at high risk attempts to leave bed or chair

2. DELAYED ALARM for when a person at low or medium risk leaves their bed or chair, and does not return to within a pre-determined time (e.g. 10 minutes)

The alert can be set to LOW, MEDIUM or HIGH Volume, in the form of a TONE, VOICE Recording, or SILENT when using in conjunction with a Nursecall system

There are also innovative X-10 options available which can automatically switch on lights (e.g. bedside lamp and bathroom light) when the person gets out of bed, and automatically switch the lights off again when the person returns to bed, again reducing the risk of falling in the dark.
    Every year, between 33%
and 50% of people over the
age of 65 suffer a fall.
For every 100 of those people
who fall, 20 will need medical
help and around 10 will
sustain a fracture.